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1995 - 2000

Rembrandt Lee

>>Crying Man<<


Charakter in Sliders:

Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown war früher Sänger bei den Spinning Topps, dies war eine erfolgreiche Soul-Band in den '70. Remmy, wie in seine Freunde nennen, ist eigentlich durch einen Zufall mit seinem Cadillac in das Abentuer geslidet. Wohl oder übel schloß er sich den Sliders an um einen Weg nach Hause zu finden. Er entwickelte sich zu einem wichtigen Mitglied der Slider und wurde zu einem Art Anker für die anderen. Rembrandt kann nicht schwimmen und liebt es, wie der Professor zu Angeln. Er ist der letzte Slider der ersten Stunde, aber noch voller Hoffnung eines Tages nach Hause zu gelangen. Rembrandt wurde drei Jahre später von den Kromaggs in ein Umerziehungslager gebracht und mit Erfolg wurde er von Quinn und Maggie gerettet.


15.05.19?? Knoxville, Tennessee, USA


Clinton Derricks-Carroll

Theaterstücke/ Musicals: Titel Rolle
19?? Jesus Christ Superstar ?
1984 Dreamgirl » bekam den Tony Award ?
Filme: Titel Rolle
1981 Fort Apache, the Bronx Suspect #4
1984 Moscow on the Hudson Lionel Witherspoon
1985 The Slugger's Wife Manny Alvarado
1986 Off Beat Abe Washington
1998 Carnival of Souls ?
Serien: Titel Rolle
1978 Cindy Michael
1982 The Ambush Murders  
25.10.1985 Miami Vice (episode # 2.4) David Jones...Episode: The Dutch Oven
1986 The Equalizer Sonny...Episode: Joyride (episode # 2.4 - 10/29/1986)
Sonny...Episode: Tip on a Sure Thing (episode # 2.9 - 12/3/1986)
1987 Bluffing It Cal
1987 Spenser: For Hire (episode # 3.2) Mac Dickerson...Episode: My Enemy, My Friend
24.10.1989 Roseanne (episode # 2.6) Episode: Five of a Kind
1991 Good Sports Jeff Mussberger
1991 Drexell's Class George Foster
1992 Woops! Dr. Frederick Ross
1993 Thea Charles
1994 Something Wilder Caleb
1995 - 2000 Sliders - Das Tor in eine fremde Dimension Rembrandt Lee "The Crying Man" Brown
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Rembrandts Songs

Tears In My 'Fro Cry Like A Man

I've got tears in my 'fro
Cause I'm standing on my head over you
Got a long way to go
Will this crying stop...
I wish I only knew.

At first I thought our love was never-ending
Together, you and I till eternity
But now I realize I'm just pretending
I'm only half the man I used to be.

I've got tears in my 'fro
Cause my world is upside down over you.
I should wash them out, I know
But that's the saddest thing I'll ever half to do.

I've got tears in my 'fro
Cause I'm standing on my head, girl...
Over you.

Author : Tracy Tormé

My friends ask me why I cry
It's cause I feel I wanna die
These tears fall from my eye
Ever since you said goodbye

I'm gonna cry like a man
Hard as I can
And if you had a heart
Maybe you'd start
To understand.

See me walking down the street
And everybody that I meet
They say hello, goodbye,
And tears spring from my other eye.

Whoua I'm gonna cry like a man
Hard as I can
And if you had a heart
Maybe you'd start
To understand.

Author : Tracy Tormé and Paul Kelly

Tears In My 'Fro 42.7 kB
Tears In My 'Fro - Duo 92.6 kB
Tears In My 'Fro - Beides
861 kB

Cry Like A Man mit

113 kB
Purple Hawaii
"Can't Help Myself"
(Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)
I'm surfing on an ocean of tears
Feels like I've been...
Weeping for years.

My little island girl
Set my mind awhirl
Now I think I need...
To sink a couple of beers.

Author : Tracy Tormé

Sugar pie honey bunch 
You know that I love you 
I can't help myself I love you and nobody else
In and out my life 
You come and you go
Leaving just your picture behind

And I've kissed it a thousand times (...) 

When you call my name, girl it starts the flame
(Burning in my heart, tearing it apart) 
No matter how I try, my love I cannot hide, baby... (...)


(by Four Tops "Can't Help Myself

(Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)" )

Purple Hawaii

73.8 kB
Sugar Pie - Das Ende der Welt!
108 kB
Sugar Pie - Das Ende der Welt!
456 kB
Way over yonder
Way over yonder is a place 
That I know
Where I can find shelter 
From the hunger and cold
Where the good tasting sweet life
Is so easily found
Way over yonder
That's where I'm bound
Straight out of Heaven
You are an angel
Better to me than life itself

And into my mind
You came, giving me hope
Sweeping the cobwebs of sadness
Away from the door, shut still
Closed by the pain of a broken heart

I went to to Heaven and stole an angel
So I could have you for myself

Straight out of Heaven
You an angel
Better to me than life itself

Gedenken an den Professor

54.4 kB


954 kB

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Amazing Grace - Pilotfilm

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Amazing Grace - Pilotfilm
771 kB
Tears On My Pillow - Der Spitzenkandidat
222 KB
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - Der Spitzenkandidat
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